2018 Auraria PB Vote Results

The students of Auraria PB are pleased to announce the results of the first ever student-led participatory budgeting process in Colorado history are as follows:

Implementation Status of Winning Projects

Textbook Rental Pilot at the Auraria Library

Implementation date: Beginning of Fall 2019 semester
Implementation partners: Auraria Library staff
Project Description: Auraria Library staff will purchase multiple copies of the most expensive textbooks from at least one of the highest enrollment classes taught at each of the three institutions and make them available for rent in the Auraria library so that students don’t have to pay to access those textbooks. Library staff will buy as many textbooks for as many high-enrollment classes as possible, and students will be able to rent textbooks 2-4 hours at a time, with immediately renewal possible. The Auraria Library will track the data of how many students rent these textbooks, how often, when they are in demand, etc. for the sake of improving the rental program in the future. Auraria Library will also convene multiple sessions with faculty from each institution and the Tivoli bookstore to discuss textbook and edition alignment across institutions, increasing e-textbook offerings, and expanding textbook rentals in future academic years.
Funding status: Funds transferred to library with MOU signed, February 2019

Auraria Campus Kitchen

Implementation date: Beginning of Fall 2019 semester
Implementation partners: Coby Wikselaar, Harding Fellow on Hunger & Homelessness (UCD); Aubree Pierce, Campus Kitchens Regional Director; Staff of Auraria Sustainable Campus Program; CU Denver Political Science Dept.
Project Description: A student-staff collaboration will begin preparing free meals for students using rescued food once per week and distributing the meals to Auraria food pantries and other potential food distribution sites on campus. Student Hunger & Homelessness Advocacy Research and Education (SHHARE) student team has secured initial food donors and is hosting regional capacity building summit April 26th to grow the effort on campus and connect with more partners. Negotiations to secure the regular use of a commercial kitchen on campus or near campus are still in process.
Funding status: Funds transfer initiated after MOU signed, May 2019

Improving Library WiFi

Implementation date: Summer of 2019
Implementation partners: Auraria Library staff
Project Description: Auraria library staff will use funds to purchase and install new hardware and wiring that will improve wifi signal through out the library, with priority placed on the Library Cafe area.
Funding status: Funds transferred to library with MOU signed, February 2019

Concert on Campus

Implementation date: Before end of Spring 2019 semester
Implementation partners: Student Activities Partners from all three institutions; Rob Byers, AHEC Director of Campus Programs
Project Description: Campus event planners will plan and host a concert featuring musicians or groups who's members are Auraria students, staff, and/or faculty in the 2019-20 school year. This concert would be paired with a small art festival where Auraria artists would have a chance to showcase their talent, as well. It is likely this event will be paired with either the Fall Fest or Spring Fling events, though staff may choose to pair it with a different event or have the concert/art festival stand alone. Recruitment for performers will be advertised on an ongoing basis ahead of the concert.
Funding status: Exact costs and plan still being determined

More Microwaves on Campus

Implementation date: Summer 2019
Implementation partners: AHEC facilities staff
Project Description: Initial plan was to install six new microwaves in four different buildings, but AHEC staff determined that students were offered a serious underestimate of installation costs for microwaves ($2000 per microwave needed for new wiring, not the $100 initially estimated), which may mean only one microwave can be installed in the Tivoli. AHEC staff are working to determine whether cost-sharing and possible extra funding can make at least a second microwave possible in the Auraria library.
Funding status: Final costs still being determined by AHEC

Campus Mural Installation

Implementation date: Late Summer or early Fall 2019
Implementation partners: Alex Galindo, UCD Arts Student; Rob Byers, AHEC Director of Campus Programs; Carl Meese, AHEC Senior Campus Planner; Melissa Furness, UCD Visual Arts Dept. Assoc. Chair
Project Description: A call for artists will be put out for students from each institution to be selected to create and install up to three murals on campus. Locations being considered are the south wall of the North Classroom building and the inside of the Arts building. Once a location(s) is selected and students are selected, funding will be made available for materials and students will co-create the mural(s), most likely over the summer.
Funding status: Costs and location of mural being finalized

Tri-Institutional Native and Indigenous Retreat

Implementation date: Fall 2019 semester
Implementation partners: Gracie Tyon, UCD Director of American Indian Student Services; staff of UCD Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Project Description: The UCD American Indian Student Services office will work with appropriate partners to coordinate a multi-day retreat for native and indigenous students from all three institutions sometime in the Fall 2019 semester. The purpose of this retreat would be to address a critical need to bridge the gaps in connection between Native and Indigenous students at UCD, CCD, and MSU and build long term capacities and connections to support them.
Funding status: Funds transferred to UCD Office of Diversity & Inclusion with MOU signed, April 2019